Trading Psychology

10 Golden Trading Rules

  1. Either manage your money and risk else market is not a place for you.
  2. Small win and big losses can't make you rich, so cut the losses short and let the profit run.
  3. Two biggest enemy - greed and fear. When come in trading playground, keep the emotions outside the ground.
  4. Don't predict the market direction, just flow with trend.
  5. Market is not the cause for my losses, it's me who made the big losses and did't go with the market.
  6. To consistently wining the game, discipline is must.
  7. Don't trade for money. Trade for passion, learning patience and controlling self.
  8. Before entering trade, make sure it matching your criteria, not greed and while exiting the trade, make sure its not greed/fear/impulse.
  9. Learn everyday something new from market and note it down.
  10. Don't break any of the rule. Read the rules daily before market starts.

Traders quotes for daily Motivation – Must Read

  • Small losing trades is the cost you pay while you are looking for the big winning trades. @SJosephBurns
  • “Trade what’s happening, not what you think is gonna happen.” – Doug Gregory 
  • Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.
  • A professional trader should enjoy the process of trading rather than profits from trades.
  • “If you personalize losses, you can’t trade.” – Bruce Kovner
  • Everyone knows how to read charts. Still, consistently profitable traders are few and far between. You can’t learn a few chart patterns and call yourself a trader. You need a particular mindset. The moment you work on that, you stand out from the crowd. – @yvanbyeajee
  • In trading you must have the right mindset, the right risk management, and a system with an edge to make money over the long term. If any one of these are missing you will not make it. Steve Burns
  • There is no win or loss, only a learning experience. So, whenever you’re hesitating to put a trade on, just remember that this is a crucial piece of experience that you need to develop into the trader you wish to become. @yvanbyeajee
  • Most People become anxious about losses, yet successful speculators have learned that an essential ingredient to winning is to make it OK to lose.  – Dr Van K Tharp
  • the biggest tipping point in their life has come when they started disassociating themselves from individual trade outcomes and getting emotionally detached with the outcomes.
  • Method and strategy is only a small part of the game. Money and mind management decides the success of a trader.
  • If you trade for the money you will never make it, because it will affect your mind. Trade for the 3Ps – passion, process and patience and you will get what you deserve from the market.